The rules set by HFP-PES Greece to maintaining the quality and high level of competition. Failure to comply with the rules may result in penalties listed in the rule book


1.1 Staff behavior

All HFP Gaming staff are expected to show respect to all users at all times.

1.1.1 Staff members are not permitted to use any of the powers provided by the community, on social media and Discord without the approval of HFP Gaming and the verification of evidence.

1.1.2 If staff feel that a user has exceeded the limits, refer to HFP Gaming.

1.1.3 If the staff of HFP Gaming abuses its powers, then it must be reported through the official page of HFP-PES Greece on Facebook or by mail ( with evidence.

1.2 Community behavior

All players must follow the rules of conduct whether they are in the community or playing in the league.

We ask that during the matches all the rules mentioned in the official book of regulations be followed.

We demand that all the rules mentioned in the rules of conduct be observed and that prejudice or harassment not take place both on social media and in the lobby of the match.

Violation of any of the rules mentioned on this page may result in partial or permanent exclusion from HFP Gaming community and the HFP Gmaing tournaments.

Penalties that may result from a breach of any of the rules are at the discretion of HFP Gaming.

1.2.1 – HFP has zero tolerance for harassment. If user is found to be publicly harassing, action will be taken.

  • HFP is not involved in comments that are not public.

1.2.2 – No racial, religious, political or sexual assault / discrimination against any of the members of our community is allowed. Any violation of this kind will result in suspension in the community and in the leagues. HFP Gaming reserves the right to permanently block, without notice, access to the community and Social Media by any user who violates the Code of Conduct.

1.2.3 – All support requests must be submitted via mail (

1.2.4 – Players who have a private contract with the TEAM and fail or refuse to attend matches despite being officially declared on their team roster are subject to seasonal bans or even a permanent ban if the team or coach reports incident in HFP Gaming. Each player is expected to show up and play in the best possible way.

1.2.5 – The league is a task that requires constant monitoring, if a user has evidence of an offense against a team or player, then he is obliged to inform HFP Gaming.

  • If it turns out that the petitioner was aware of the infringement but concealed the violation (beyond one week) for personal gain or for his team he is punished with exclusion from the current period.

1.2.6 – Defamation of the league and attempts to attract teams and players on behalf of competitive leagues are strictly prohibited.

1.2.7 – Members and teams must report to HFP Gaming information about the game and any glitch / bug that may be used against a team.

1.2.8 – The declaration of false or incorrect information during the games is strictly prohibited.

1.2.9 – PC / Playstation / XBOX user accounts are personal. For this reason, sharing accounts with third parties is prohibited.


2.1 Complaints / Reports against the rules

In case of a rule violation, the following procedures should be followed in order for the report to be considered valid:

a) When any rule is violated before the start of the match:
Under no circumstances should the match start. Make sure you have received videos or photos as evidence of the violation. Then submit the report via mail ( and notify a member of the tournament staff IMMEDIATELY through the official channel of the event at Discord.

b) When any rule is violated during the match:
Record the violation, complete the match, submit the report via mail ( within 2 hours after the end of the match.

  • After 2 hours the report is NOT considered valid.

The data of the violation must be sent ONLY by the coach of the team to admins and NOT to the opposing team.

Decisions are made only by those in charge of the admins and not by the teams. In no case do the teams have the right to decide to restart the match. In this case both teams are punished by deducting points.

Contact us to resolve the issue formally and immediately.


3.1 Terms and conditions for team/player participation

3.1.1 Conditions for Team Participation

• For the possibility of participating in the league the owner of the team must agree with the terms and conditions of HFP Gaming and agree with the rules and methodology of the championship.

3.1.2 Team participation fee

a) HFP Uncharted League

• XX € (Team of up to 8 registered users) (free for Beta League)

• XX € (Team of up to 12 registered users) (Not available for Beta League)

  • In case of team departure, the participation fee paid is not refunded.

3.1.3 Numerical limit of players for the roster of the teams

• Each team has 5 to 12 registered users to its roster

• If a team has a full Roster and wants to add a new player, it must leave a free agent to vacate a position, which is ONLY allowed during the transfer window.

• Add a free agent is allowed anytime of the season except for the last ten (4) games.

3.1.4 Conditions for player participation

ONLY registered players who have declared their details in the Roster form of a team can participate in a match of the season.

• Each player competes with his registered PSN ID.

• The communication will be done through the official channel of the championship in discord.

• Each team can use ONLY players who belong to its roster. In case the above is not observed, the team loses without a match with 40-0.

3.1.5 Social media management

The team is obliged to have a presence on social media (Social media), to promote and publish about the games of the team and the league.

3.1.6 Logos and names

• Only in case of agreement is the use of logos and names of professional teams, sports clubs and companies allowed.

• Amateur teams are required to use their own logos and names to participate in the tournament.

3.2 Terms and conditions of player contracts

3.2.1 Terms and conditions of a player contract

By completing the form on a case roster the player agrees to the terms and conditions of the contract.

• The team has the rights of the player for one (1) season.

• The player does not have the opportunity to break the contract unless he hasn’t played in six (6) consecutive games and wishes to leave his team in which case he is considered a free agent. The above does not apply if the player is bound by private contract.

• The player is not allowed to transfer without the approval of the team coach.

• The coach of the team has every right to choose who will be the players who will play in the league matches.

• In case of a team leaving the league, the players are considered as Free agents this season.

3.2.2 Contract Break / Player Release

A contract “break” release can take place before the start of the season or in the middle of the season during transfers by the coach.

3.2.3 Player transfer

The coach has the right to transfer players before the start of the season or in the transfer period if agreed by the 2 Managers and the player.

  • In case of a player private contract with the team, the specific conditions are observed by the organizing authority regarding the duration of the contract.
3.3 Cash prize

3.3.1 Definition and method of cash prize distribution

Before the start of each season, HFP Gaming officially announces the total amount of the cash prize and the way of distribution according to the final ranking of the teams.


4.1 Schedule

Teams must be in the “Lobby” within 15 minutes of the scheduled start of the match. Once the 15 minutes are completed, the game should start regardless of whether or not the 5 players of each team have entered. If 15 minutes have passed and the host does not press to start the match then they lose 40-0. In the second games of the day the time of 15 minutes starts with the end of the first games.

Wednesday 21:00 (Championship match)

  • HFP Gaming defines a specific schedule that teams must follow
  • HFP Gaming has the right to add double matchdays for teams
  • HFP Gaming has the right to change the dates of the games or to set a specific Date and time for the games.
  • The teams have the right, if they agree with each other, to request a postponement of the match to a later date with an official request via mail (
  • In case of inability to connect for more than 40 minutes, the teams may be asked to transfer the game to another date
4.2 Rules of matches/penalties

4.2.1 Conditions for participation

• Three (3) players is the minimum limit for starting the match. In case the team does not complete the minimum number of players (3), a 40-0 defeat is guaranteed.

• Two (2) players is the minimum limit in case of disconnection to continue the match. In case of fewer players a 40-0 defeat is guaranteed

4.2.2 Game regulations

Match Settings / General Match Room Settings

  •  Game Mode: Team Death Match
  • Time Limit: 15 minutes
  • Score Limit: 40
  • Wave Spawning: On
  • Respawn Time: 5 seconds
  • Downed State: On
  • Player Health: 100%
  • Boosters: On
  • Cash Drip: On
  • In Game Store: On
  • Sidekicks: On
  • Mysticals: On
  • Heavy Weapons: On
  • Radar: On
  • Heavy Weapons on Map: Off
  • Grenades Only: Off
  • Treasures: On
  • Ammo Drops: On
  • Players Drop Weapons: Off
  • Weapon Mods: On
  • Map: Selected by the home team

1. If any of the above is not observed, a coach has the right to object within the first 2 minutes of the match and restart (same users).

*The team that changes or adds a user during the restart of the match loses with 40-0.

2. The team and the way a team plays depends on the coach of the team.

3. In case the team is NOT at the exact time of the match according to the official schedule able to play.
Penalty: There is a 40-0 defeat unless qualification is determined, then the team is eliminated.

4. It is not allowed for the team to leave during the match and not to complete the match obligations.
Τeam penalty: There is a 40-0 defeat unless qualification is determined, then the team is disqualified.

5. In case the coach does not respond to the opponent’s invitation and does not show interest in playing.
Coach and assistant penalty: They accept the penalty of permanent exclusion from any HFP-Gaming event
Team penalty: The management of the team in case it does not inform the admins is punished with exclusion from the current season and the results of the matches played by the team remain, the remaining matches are recorded 40-0 in favor of the opponents.
Players: They are considered as Free Agents this season.

6. Non-registered player or player who does not play with his personal profile (PSN) or plays with a second profile
Coach penalty: They accept the penalty of permanent exclusion from any HFP-Gaming tournament
Team penalty: The management of the team in case it does not inform the officials of the league is punished with exclusion from the current season and the results of the matches played by the team remain, the remaining matches are recorded 40-0 in favor of the opponents.
Player Penalty: Players who do not participate with their personal profile or compete with a second team will receive a permanent ban from any HFP Gaming tournament.
Players: They are considered as Free Agents this season.

7. Anything considered Glitch during the race is prohibited
Penalty: is punished with a warning or a penalty on the scoreboard or 40-0 defeat after checking the evidence and the criticality of the event.

4.2.3 Information and definitions

HFP Gaming has the right to add new rules during the Tournament.

HFP Gaming reserves the right to extend, postpone or reschedule matches when it deems necessary.

HFP Gaming has every right to adjust the penalties after checking the evidence and the criticality of the violation.

HFP Gaming has every right after checking the evidence of warning, dismissal or punishment of matches to either players or coaches in case it deems that there is a problem of behavior or public insult on social media related to the event.

HFP Gaming makes decisions in cases where they are not explicitly defined


5.1 Statistics

5.1.1 Recording of statistics

The teams of the championship must define an official channel on Youtube where they will record the statistics and the live broadcasts of the games will be done in a minimum resolution of 720p according to a schedule.

The league statistics team has the responsibility to record player and team statistics via video statistics.

  • The coaches of the teams must check the recording of statistics and notify the competent department in case of lack or error.

5.1.2 Coach responsibility

• Record player and team statistics on YouTube videos or screenshot.

• Placement of Youtube Link on the official discord channel in the specific match within the time limit of 2 hours after the end of the match.

• Score Recording.

• MOTM recording in case of victory.

• In case of expiration of the 2 hour deadline, the team statistics are not recorded.

5.1.3 The title of the video must state:

1) The names of the teams (Home team vs Away team)

2) The Matchday (MD8 or MDC8) championship and cup respectively

Example: AEK Esports vs Aris Esports MD8


6.1 HFP Uncharted League Methodology

Will be announced when the registrations completed

6.2. Kills/Deaths Difference

In case of a tie between the teams in the standings, either in a Championship or in a Cup, the ranking is determined based on the following conditions:

6.2.1 The difference kills/deaths between the teams that are tied in the standings in their between matches.

6.2.2 If the kills/deaths are equal then the total kills/deaths difference in the tournament is measured.

6.2.3 If the difference is equal then the team with the most kills is better.